Camera setup
If the camera make/model is Onvif/ONVIF_V2 or you set Event by Network type to EBNT_ONVIF, you must complete the Cam setup Onvif panel. For other cameras this panel is not used.
[ camnet camsetup, onvif ]
Set the Xaddr address. For most cameras, the drop-down menu list has a default Xaddr that should work. To find out the exact Xaddr, switch to System (press System button at the top). Change to the (System) Onvif panel. Refer to System, Onvif panel at Onvif probe for details.
[ camnet camsetup, onvif ]
With the correct Xaddr in the Onvif device manager Xaddr field, set the Onvif username and Onvif password. These Onvif creds are typically the same as the camera's creds, but may differ. Either enter them directly, or better, use a GUID. Refer to the System, Can UP map panel at Map a GUID to a camera user-password for details.

For Dahua/DAHUA_IPC1 cameras, the Onvif username and password may be hard-coded to admin (admin for username and admin for password). Using anything else fails to authenticate. Updates to these cameras are hard to come-by, but if you have a new update you may get to use your own creds. If your Dahua/DAHUA_IPC1 camera is not working with Onvif, try admin/admin on this panel.
When the Xaddr and both username and password have been set, Save. You must do a Save to send these log on details to CAMNET server before you can get the profiles (it may work before the Save, but Save to be sure).
[ camnet camsetup, onvif ]
Press the Get profiles button; Getting profiles... shows briefly while the CAMNET server contacts the camera to get its profiles and sends that list back to the client. When that is no longer seen the list is ready. Open the Profile menu list by pressing the drop-down arrow. Select the profile you want CAMNET server to use.
[ camnet camsetup, onvif ]
If you don't see a profile you expect, use your camera's browser interface and add one. Not all cameras can do this. Older, early-Onvif cameras may have limited support for adding profiles. For example, Axis cameras using Onvif v1.01 don't have a profile that includes audio. However, there's no reason to use Onvif with Axis since Axis cameras with audio are fully supported using the Axis make, and AXIS_V5 model, and that can use the preferred EBNT_FAMID Event by network type.