Camera setup
From this PTZF panel you set CGIs to perform pan, tilt, zoom, focus, autos (for focus), and preset moves. Select from the menu list which CGI to set (press the drop-down menu button on the Set camera CGI field to choose, then Accept).

To use a PTZF, switch to the Live video control/transport panel. This panel has all the PTZF control buttons. To get to the preset buttons panel, press the Presets button. Likewise, press the Macros button to move to the macro panel.

[ camnet camsetup, ptzf ]
You may name presets by including the name, surrounded by brackets, before the preset CGI URI. For example,
That labels the first preset as frntGate. Eight characters is what fits on a preset button.
[ camnet camsetup, ptzf ]
Hot touch is not currently used.

CGIs always start with a leading slash. Almost always. Be sure to include the leading forward slash on all CGIs you input. (An optional button name in brackets can precede the CGI.)

Curently, the PTZF stop CGIs are not used. Instead, to stop a pan or tilt, use the Home preset entry for the stop CGI. You can move the Home preset to Preset #1's slot. You can also rename the PTZF buttons using the same [name] method.
An alternate port can be specified for a CGI URI. For example, to send a CGI to port 9989, prefix the URI with a colon and the port:
You may also specify another camera's IP address if both cameras use the same user/password. For example:
When using a complete IP address, the port must be included, even if port 80. A possible use case would be to control a pan/tilt camera that has this camera attached to it.