Event servers
For cameras other than that used by this example, the methods will differ from what is shown here, but the concept should be the same.

Set the FTP server address to that of CAMNET server. Set the port to 4045 (when the control port is at the default 4040). The directory is not used.

Set the FTP mode to ACTIVE (also known as PORT). PASV mode is not supported.

User and password are not used by CAMNET server. Set username to USER and password to PASS.

[ camnet event servers, ftp ]
The FTP notification registers as an MD_0 (motion in window 1) at CAMNET server.

For the browser's [ Test ] to succeed, the FTP event server must be running at CAMNET server. It will be running only if there is now, or has been since CAMNET server started, an active camera that uses EBNT_FTP for Event by network type. The System, Connections panel, Camera list shows the running event servers, such as The value after :c is the number of connections the HTTP event server has accepted.