Live video
After switching to Live video this control panel is shown.
The main view window border becomes brighter when the view window has keyboard focus. When the view window has focus you can use the mouse to ePTZ within the view window. This also applies when viewing recordings. See the Camera setup, ROI panel for details.
Press the Peel view command button to move the live video into a new, floating window.
[ camnet live videos, control ]
Press the Presets button to switch to the presets panel. Press the Macros button to switch to the macros panel. From either of these panels, press Back to return to this control panel. Press the Stats button to switch to the status panel. To leave the status panel and return to this control panel, click anywhere in the status panel.

Pan/tilt control is done using the green buttons: left, right, up, and down. Home can be used as a stop command for P/T controls which are continuous-acting by programming the home button to send the stop CGI. The labels of these buttons can be changed by including their label text in brackets when setting up their CGI URIs. See Cam setup, PTZF in this guide.

Zoom+ an Zoom- control optical zoom, as defined by the Zoom fields in Cam setup, PTZF. The same goes for Focus+ and Focus-, as well as A/F (auto-focus).

If dedicated PTZ controls are not needed, these buttons can be used to send other CGI commands to the camera, and more easily commanded from here than from the macros panel.

The Mute/Listen button toggles audio for the main window view. When Mute shows, pressing the button mutes the audio (sets this audio volume to 0 for this camera). When Listen shows, pressing the button un-mutes the audio. Peel views have their own mute control via their system menu, Mute. When the Cam setup, Playback field Audio mode is set to mute, the Mute/Listen button is locked to its last setting. Audio remains muted for this camera while the Cam setup, Playback audio mode is set to mute.

If you expect audio but hear none, check that the Windows system mixer is not muted, either globally or muted for this client, and that the volume levels are not too low.