Live video
Nine presets are available. Each preset button can have its label set when the presets are specified, at Cam setup, PTZF, Presets. Start the CGI URI with the custom label text in brackets, followed by the CGI. For example:
      [full left]/nphControlCamera?Direction=Preset&PresetOperation=Move&Data=1
To specify more than nine presets use a macro. To return to the live video control panel press the Back button.
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After adding or changing a preset, that change is not recognized by CAMNET server until the Cam setup, Test-Join panel, Refresh camera button is pressed. No changes made to cam.cfg are recognized by CAMNET server until CAMNET server reloads that cam.cfg file. This is normally only loaded by CAMNET server when it starts, or when it restarts its connection to that camera.