Live video
See Recordings Stats for details. One difference from the Recordings stats panel is the time to the left of the playtime clock. This is the length of time the camera has been connected to CAMNET server.
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One more difference is that a live view shows the GOP interval. This value, to the right of the center-column FPS, should ideally be equal to the FPS, or at least lower. A higher value indicates that the GOP interval is longer than 1 second, which is not desirable. Divide the GOP interval by the FPS to get the interval in seconds; for example, 30 FPS (60) has a 2-second interval between intra-frames (I-frames/IDR). Cameras set to use a long GOP interval - more than 2 seconds - will have poor results; the A/V presentation system (Windows Media Foundation) attempts to buffer a complete GOP before starting. This would require a pre-roll (live) setting of at least twice as many seconds as the GOP length. The image below shows an ideal FPS to (GOP) ratio.
[ camnet live videos, stats ]
When a cambox is selected but there is not a Live view or Recording view, the left column shows stats of the CamView image. The Peel view section in this guide has an image showing this.

The CamView (snapshot) image size, and rate in snaps per second (SPS) is in the second row. In the third is the bitrate of the stats + snaps stream (Stats + JPEG). Below that is the camera response time. This is the interval between sending the stat/snap request from the server to the camera, and getting that request back from the camera. This varies by camera: low-overhead cameras complete this in 0.02 seconds. Typical is 0.30 seconds. Slow is 1.0 seconds, for example using HTTPS.

The authentication modes are presented, first for the snapshot and then for the stream. There are two values for each: B.B/B.B, for example. The first B indicates basic authentication was specified, and the second B (after the dot) indicates that basic authentication was used.

The last row has the CamView size and CamView rate as specified in Cam setup, Playback panel.