Peel view
Peel view takes the video from the main view window and moves it into a new, floating window. Live video can have one peel view per camera, and Recordings can have up to four peel views per camera; with a recording, it might be useful to play from the same recording, but at different times. The main view window can also still be used for that camera. One Camnet Service Manager provides up to 4 + 1 peel view windows per camera, and up to 20 cameras, for 100 concurrent peel views (system resources permitting).
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From the system menu (alt-spacebar) for the peel-view window you can create a snapstream, mute, and save the position (at its current location, at its current dimensions, including its on-top state). For recordings, transport controls are also available. As with the main view window, a right-click toggles pause. ePTZ also works the same as it does for the main view window.
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The peel-view window state is maintained locally, in the .cbn file. One state is kept per camera, so each peel-view for that camera appears at the same location initially (the last saved), and has the same stored settings.
The main window system menu (alt-spacebar) has a Peel all live entry that peels a view for each cambox with a set up camera. The peel views are put at their last saved position -- on any display monitor -- at their last saved dimensions. A typical use case for this is to very quickly and easily - from one simple menu selection - get all cameras showing their live view.
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