Map a GUID to a camera user-password
CAMNET maintains text files. Some are encrypted. Many are plain text. Each camera has a cam.cfg text file. In this file is everything the server needs to know about that camera, including the credentials used to connect to that camera.

Since it is useful to keep the cam.cfg file as plain ASCII text, all of it easy to edit, CAMNET allows some redirection when it comes to the camera credentials. Instead of directly putting the camera creds in the cam.cfg file, a GUID, which maps to the camera's credentials, is put in the cam.cfg instead. This GUID is not entered at the camera; the camera continues to have whatever username and password you want it to have. The GUID is used as a lookup into an encrypted (.cdb) file, where the camera username and password are stored. You can still enter the actual camera username and password credentials when setting up a camera, or even use the actual username but for the password use the GUID.

Using a GUID offers more than just encrypting your camera logon credentials. For example, if you use the same username and password for all your local cameras, if you were to change all the cameras to use new creds (still all cameras using the same, just different than before), in CAMNET you only need to change the one GUID mapping.

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Select Add to create a new mapping. The GUID is randomly generated. You can use it as it is, or change it. Select the GUID key field to get it to the editbox. From the editbox you can select the text (Shift-End to select the entire text, or Ctrl-A) and copy it (Ctrl-C, or Ctrl-Ins). You can, from there, switch to the Camera set up Access panel (or Onvif panel), select the Camera username field, and then paste (Ctrl-V, or Shift-Ins) into the editbox the GUID. If you use the same for all cameras, you can just as easily copy this GUID from already-setup cameras.

[ camnet system, users ]
When setting up a camera, if you want to use a different username, but the same password of a GUID mapping, you can enter at the camera setup the username directly (e.g., admin) and then use the GUID for the password field.

To remove a GUID mapping, set the username to DELETE, Accept (the fields turn purple): Save.

[ camnet system, users ]
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