Onvif probe
To discover available Onvif IP cameras on your network press Probe. A few seconds later the responding cameras are displayed.
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When adding a new camera at Cam setup, the Cam setup Onvif panel requires the Onvif device manager Xaddr be set. Generally, this is a known, common value among Onvif cameras, and the Cam setup Onvif offers this common value by default in its drop-down menu list. Howerver, some cameras use a unique Xaddr. To be sure, copy the Xaddr field from the System Onvif panel to the Cam setup Onvif panel:

Activate the Xaddr field on this panel (its field contents are copied to the editbox)
Select all the text in the editbox (Ctrl-A or Shift-End)
Copy the selected text to the clipboard (Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Ins)
Return to the Cam setup Onvif panel
Make that panel's Xaddr field active (click or touch in the field)
Delete the current text in the editbox, if any (hold down the delete key)
Paste the Xaddr field (Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins)

The Probe button is active when the first row in the list is selected, or the list is empty. If no cameras report within the detection period (about 10 seconds) the server reports that there is no data (rc= 232).

[ camnet system, onvif probe ]