CAMNET has two recording schedules available. Each camera maintains its own recording schedules. This System panel selects which of the two schedules a camera has that the recording server is to use.

Recording on a schedule is optional. If you want straight-forward recording, 24/7, a schedule is not needed. If you want to record on a schedule, each camera set up has a Schedule panel.

Recording on a schedule lets you dictate when to record with hour granularity, over the course of a week (hour/day of week).

It also let you say how to record (by hour/day of week): no record, record all frames (max), record I-frames only (min), record at events only, or record all frames during an event but then record I-frames only when nothing much is going on (max on event plus min).

Recording on a schedule also lets you specify event-actions to perform, up to four, for each event detected, by hour/day of week.

[ camnet system, schedule ]
If one or more cameras are actively recording on a schedule, you can stop those recordings on a temporary basis by setting Stop recording (min.) to the number of minutes to postpone recording, accepting, and pressing the Now button. To resume recordings before the time elapses, set the minutes to 0 and press Now.

The Schedule and Persist fields are related. Schedule is the desired recording schedule, 1 or 2. Below the field, to the right of the caption and the small s (s for schedule), is the actual schedule in use, 1 or 2. After changing the schedule, Accept and Save; the field value and the s value agree. If the field value differs from the persisted value (the value stored in the server's .sdb file) it is colored yellow. Doing a Save is needed to have the recording server use the new schedule; Now is only for Stop recording (min.).

The Persist field is used to write the schedule to the server's .sdb file. Set it to yes, then Save. If the Schedule field was yellow, it turns back to normal since it now agrees with the value in the file. The value below the field, to the right of the caption and the little f (f for file) is the value that is currently stored in the server's .sdb file. The reason for this is that, normally, one schedule is the desired schedule, and the second is a temporary one. When the recording server next restarts it uses the schedule that is in the .sdb file, and not a temporary schedule.

When a cambox is active (one of the 20 boxes along either side), when the recording Schedule is set to 2 or when the Stop recording (min.) is not 0, extra information is shown in the caption title indicating the unusual recording state for that camera. The displayed minutes for Stop recording shows 1 min. for 0:01 to 1:59 actual time remaining. If the camera is not recording at all (Cam setup, Recording panel, the record field is no), or not recording on a schedule, or the system schedule for that server is 1 and there are no minutes left to stop recording, nothing extra is shown with the normal caption title: Camnet Service Manager [SSL].