When first setting up CAMNET the only known user is admin40. This is a temporary user and must be replaced by a real one. The first user added becomes the new admin. This is the only admin account.

If there were already users known to the CAMNET server, a Load would retrieve them from the server (located in the Remote server name and Control port fields). For the Load button to be active, the first row must be the selected row. Since there are no users at this point, do Add.

[ camnet system, users ]
Add supplies a new entry for a user. Touch the Username for server field. Enter the name. Do the same for the password (at first the password text remains visible; when loaded it is replaced by stars that may be longer than the actual password is long). The password must be at least four characters.

To delete a non-admin user, select delete from the Level menu (the user fields change to purple), then Save. You cannot delete an admin account; update it, instead.

For other-than-admin users, a Features enabled (LRPTZFAM) field appears.

         L     live view
         R     recordings view
         PTZF  pan/tilt/zoom/focus
         A     audio
         M     macro
The Features enabled field is for future use.

[ camnet system, users ]